BlANK Illusion Labrax en


We present the second and expected creation of YKR BLANKS.

It is about the ILLUSION LABRAX 3.30 mtrs, after thinking and listening to the need of the fisherman of Spinning in the Cantabrian Sea,  we decided to make a rod in3.30 mtrs of fast and light action.

It is a rod with a lot of power reserve, with action in the first 50 cm, this way we can launch the lures through a whiplash effect without effort, it is the blank that makes the cast.

It is a very versatile rod due to its real action, we can launch lures from 20 grs up to 80 grs (minows, vinyls, jigs, goats, etc ..) and thanks to its lightness can spend many hours on fishing days without accumulating fatigue.

We have used a Blank of 40 Tons, FUJI reel-holders,  FUJI K Alconite rings, 20/80 grs of real action and a weight of 280 grs.