HARD LURE Sanchesky 90 en


It is a rigid surface lure available in 90 mm 11 gr.

The technical swimming movements are zig zag in very marked surface making spectacular zetas and making explosions of water imitating a fish injured in troubles,

The throw distance is impressive and you can work on beaches, stoners, estuaries, marshes, reservoirs, lakes, estuaries, etc. The hooks are triple hooks vmc 9626 3x strong in red color No. 4 (they prevent oxidation and simulate the red color of the blood in order to simulate a wounded fish or easy prey for the predator.)

Finishes and spectacular holographies.

In short, a lure with a spectacular high efficiency swimming in fishing action when predators are hunting in shallow waters.



Ghost Yellow

Ghost White

Ghost Sardine

Ghost Pink

Ghost Anchovy

Ghost Brown