HARD LURE zerox en


It is a rigid lure available in slow sinking action 125mm 23 gr and 145mm 29 gr.

The technical swimming movements are wobbling and rolling.

The system of transfers is by means of 1 cylinder of tungsten in movement.

Designed to perform very long sets and work on beaches, stones, hard wind and temporary conditions.

The hooks are triple hooks vmc 9626 3x strong in red color No. 4 (they prevent oxidation and simulate the red color of the blood in order to simulate a wounded fish or easy prey for the predator.

Finishes and spectacular holographies.

In short, a lure with a swimming and very technical launch of high efficiency in fishing action and high shock resistance.





Red Gore

Pink Ralistic

Fantasy Dreams

Brown Back

Ayu Finesse

Anchovy Zeta