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We present the collection of rigid lures from YKR for both Spinning and Rockfishing.

There are 3 types of different lures included: Minows, Paseantes and Poppers.

All lures are tested in fishing action to offer the highest quality and ensure high effectiveness in your fishing days.

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We present the new collection of Jigs.

YKR Jigs, we will create decoys for the most used techniques: rockfishing, jig casting, spinning, slow jigging, with weights from 10 grs up to 180 grs.

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We present the collection of soft lures KISUTO Softbaits and their corresponding jig heads.

In it you will find different vinyl models suitable for both Fresh and Saltwater.

Our idea is to offer the fisherman lures tested in any of the most used techniques Rockfishing, Spinning and Jigging.

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We present the collection of YKR Blanks rods.

The YKR Blanks project is born from the creation of Carbon Blanks, listening to the needs of fishermen in their different techniques.

All models are made with the highest quality materials and most importantly tested to ensure the fisherman maximum comfort and enjoyment in their fishing days.

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