Jigging with softbaits 120 grs y 180 grs

Oscar explains the keys to his success with the KISUTO Z softbains for Jigging!

It's been a few years since I've been practicing the technique of Jigging from a boat, technique which I consider very funny and addictive. Many are the hours dedicated to this fishing sometimes so rewarding sometimes so frustrating, shared by great friends of which I have learned many things and others that I have been shaping with my experience and in many cases with the experience of great fishermen that luckily I have had the honor of knowing..

Many hours have also been spent researching social networks, blogs and fishing videos about jigging fishing and the lures that should be used. For the physiognomy of the seabed where I fish (Mediterranean Sea-Costa Valenciana), the most used lures have been the hinchikus and softbaits, the latter being the ones that have given me the largest fish.

The depths in which I perform this technique are from 20m to 70m deep, as we always know in rocky or gravelly areas where large predators usually patrol and hunt. Whenever currents and drifts allow it, I use softbaits with plumb heads from 90 grs to 180 grs.

We know that there are many brands in the market of vinyl for fishing, having tried many of them, the KISUTO softbaits are the ones that have convinced me the most for many reasons. The first of them has been their swimming, balanced and striking by the movement of tail that performs being all striking, visually and vibrationally. On the other hand another of the characteristics to stand out of these vinyls have been his durability before the attacks of the predators. I find in them a balance and a compensation between resistance and a flexible texture that makes them versatile decoys .

Oscar Bargues.


Native trouts with softbaits

The KISUTO "Z" softbaits are lethal in the moments of activity of the trout!

We start the 2017 season in fresh water in a strange way since the rivers come wiht very low water for this time, even so the KISUTO Z vinyls make the difference in front of all kinds of lures. The movement of this softbaits is proving lethal in the moments of activity in large wells as well as stopping or running tables.

I remember the first day with them, I arrived at the first well doing a simple linear collection ... first throw and nothing, second throw nothing, at the third throw I changed the action making rises and falls in an erratic way and gave with the key of the day, what they wanted were exciting movements ...

First day and more than 10 captures taken to the fishing net, apart from half a dozen failed attacks and follow-up to the softbaits, the best many good fish difficult to deceive that succumbed the effectiveness of the KISUTO.

That first day was the definitive confirmation of the new era of vinyl looming to fish for native trout. When you try decoys that have always worked well like teaspoons, rapalas and you start to try fishing with softbaits, all are advantages apart from the results that we like the most that make the difference.

The size that I use the most is the 60 mm with Jig head of 6 gr, it is a very balanced size and weight to fish in rivers of medium and large size, you can play with it at different depths in both linear pickups and "yerking".
Carlos Lopez Perona.


Spring begins at Freshwater

Marcos explains his first YKR experience with the Basses and Zanders!

The fish were still very hard, it was going to be a litmus test to give me a first impression of the quality of these lures. The idea was to get the first basses of the year and that was the goal throughout the day. Until noon I only managed to start three bites with the 100mm white-yellow kisuto, being able to do with two pike-perches and failing what was possibly a quality bass. Just before eating I managed to nail the first bass this time with the natural color, on a stone tip about two meters deep.

If I had continued fishing deeper I could have played more Zanders, but that was not the plan for today afternoon, I played it all or nothing.

I tried to test the surface lures, after familiarizing myself with all the models and seeing that the activity was very low and the basses were very apathetic, I opted to give time to the flypy, a stroller who from the first moment dazzled me by its movement and possibility of taking different actions with a little practice.

If it had been finer and some fish had holed better up, it could have been an afternoon to remember, especially considering how complicated the fish were. Even so, we could enjoy several spectacular attacks of some really big fish and between failure and failure, I managed to bring the first basses of the year to hand.

Marcos Elena Melgar. (Bonviedro Outdoors Caza y Pesca) YKR TEAM.